2016 Odyssee Program

The Royal Abbey of Saint-Riquier offers, within the Artist-in-Residency Program, the following range of thematic projects:

The candidate selection process will be based on these thematics:


  • The literary and artistic writings, notably in the digital age (a permanent working area of our Abbey)
  • Music: classical and contemporary (participation, should it be relevant, to the scheduled concerts, from July to September)
  • Visual Arts, in relation with the 2016-2017 cultural season (The Linen Road, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam…)
  • The digital technologies applied to cultural heritage valuation and management
  • Garden and Orchard Design, in the digital age and within the sustainable development policy (a permanent working area of our Abbey)



Ccr      Ministere culture




With the support of the French Ministry of culture and communication, the ACCR has been coordinating, the Odyssée artist-in-residency program. The program is aiming at artists, researchers and culture professionals from countries other than France wanting to develop projects within French Cultural Centers – Historic Monuments. More than 450 artists from over 68 different countries have taken part in the program, developing projects in different areas such as music, architecture, arts and crafts, visual arts, dramatic writing, novel writing, scriptwriting, animated film-making, photography and journalism.


The 2016 call for projects is open.


It is aiming at artists, researchers and culture professionals coming from countries other than France. Applications from the following countries will be examined in priority:

  • Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Irak
  • Afghanistan, Burma, China, Korea, India, Japan
  • Brazil, Haiti, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Colombia
  • Canada
  • Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia.


Applications for a residency period in the area of artistic and cultural projects must be in line with the artistic project of the selected French cultural center (see list below). Artists, researchers and culture professionals wanting to apply for a residency period in 2015 within a French Cultural Center, have to send their projects to the selected center, with one copy to the ACCR office, before November 7th, 2015.


Applications for a residency period in the area of cultural management and networking are to be sent directly to the ACCR, before November 7th, 2015.

- by post to : ACCR, Hôtel de Massa, 38 rue du Faubourg Saint Jacques, 75014 Paris, France

- by e-mail to : info@accr-europe.org, including “Odyssée 2015” as the subject.


Applications should include:

  • Curriculum vitae / short biography;
  • Personal project for the residency period in line with the global project of the welcoming center;
  • Cover letter;
  • Recommendation letter;
  • Copy of passport or national identity card.


The Odyssée artist-in-residency program allows residents whose projects have been selected by a CCR (Centre Culturel de Rencontre), member of the French network, to receive 1200€ per month and the refunding of their travel fees (up to a determined level according to the citizen’s country). Residents are staying free of charge, within the Centre that has accepted them. Whenever possible, the Centre puts at their disposal material necessary for their residency project. The period of residency can vary between 1 and 6 months. 


  • January 2016: Odyssée Commission deciding on the applications
  • February 2016: Answers to applications.

For further information, please contact: info@accr-europe.org

Download list of French Cultural Centers click here 

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