"The Abbey of Writings"

The aim of this project is to develop, within the Abbey, a center of contemporary creation and research in the areas of knowledge, thought, humanities, literature, translation and science, and to foster the participation of groups for whom the municipal council has a direct responsability: from college students to those normally "prevented" from participation in such activities.

Thus, in bringing this project to life, the St. Riquier - Somme Bay abbey will offer a unique infrustructure that will benefit the widest audience possible, for all other disciplines and fields of cultural endeavour.

The "Abbey of writings", Saint-Riquier - Somme Bay will also the focal point of other disciplines and areas of interest, such as:

  • music where musician residencies and creations can accompany concerts, workshops and lessons year-round, in addition to festivals such as the major annual summer music festival,
  • visual arts and photography, adopting the same approach of residencies and creation, with a progressive reorganisation and adaption of the site to provide a series of quality exhibition spaces, whilst focusing at all times on their pedagogical values and qualities,
  • architecture, in tandem with future site heritage restoration works, but also during workshops, with an integration of synergies based around raw materials (earth, stone, wood, etc.), exhibitions, with the contribution of art historians and highly-skilled local artisans and craftsmen (locksmiths, glazers, stone cutters, etc.),
  • landscape, with the experimental landscaping creations that the restoration of the site buildings deserves of it's surrounding parklands, in particular the establishment of links to teaching and training centers,
  • performing arts, from theatre to puppetry, circus performance to dance, facilitated naturally by the redevelopment of the site,
  • culinary arts via food-service facilities, coordinated with hotel schools, writers and renowned chefs.